03/22/2018 call center

Top Qualities of a Customer Call Center Attendant

Among the top-notch personnel, an organization hire is the call center attendant. You cannot assume their function as one to be put on the back burner; they are a voice that shapes the continuous picture of your company. They also keep its growth by continually keeping the customers satisfied with the company’s services. Hiring the right one, like those trained by customer service call center company KPI Connect, ensures they will have the following qualities:

Retain knowledge

customer serviceSupporting customers effectively requires an agent’s ability to troubleshoot with ease. This requires that you as an agent can memorize and remember a lot of details concerning your company’s product and services. This keeps the customers informed and issues resolved to the clients’ confidence.

Be organized

Operating a customer attendant desk requires an agent to be organized such that they can answer to customer needs, take notes, check the knowledge base while at the same time operate the Customer relationship management (CRM). Being disorganized would create problems of customer dissatisfaction as the clarity and flow expected cannot be felt by the customer in the answers and solutions given.

Friendly, flexible and calm

Calling an agent who cannot provide a friendly response would add to the pain of your worries. Customers need to know that the company welcomes their worries in a friendly way. The agents should be flexible enough to handle the different personalities that call.

Whether angry, talkative or facing difficulty to get to the point; it is an agent work to accommodate all of them. Being calm is also important as most callers are frustrated clients. The agent should ensure that they do not get easily angered and personal with the client as it would cost the company a fortune.

Communicate well

This is a must. Top notch communicators are prized when it comes to caller-agent jobs. An excellent communicator not only speaks but can listen, digest the information given, think fast and provide the required answers to the client in a favorable tone.

Beyond this, they should have the capacity to relate to customers who find it hard to explain themselves or who don’t have complete knowledge of services. They should also address clients in a way that suits the specific problem that they are handling to create the needed customer experience

Be creative and efficient

serviceCall centers have a lot of work this requires efficiency in dealing with the clients plus creativity in offering solutions to the clients. Clients calling need a fast response as well as workable solutions.

Therefore, an agent should be creative enough to give workable solutions to the different queries and in a quick way. This serves both the client and the company. It ensures that the client does not wait long to solve their burning problem and that the company is recounted of its ability to provide needed solutions speedily.


Customers will quit your company or continue being loyal depending on how the call center attendants will handle their queries and provide workable solutions. Hiring the best or becoming a great one will largely depend on how you can perform these functions.…

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